E-commerce Portal

Selling online can be a just little bit scary. Having no control over your customers? Not even seeing or speaking with your customers? Dealing with credit cards, inventory, and odd sales tax laws – all online? Dealing with strange shopping cart software? Trying to protect your company and your customers from fraud and identity theft? Let’s face it: e-commerce can seem about as safe as the Wild West.

Whether you are new to online business or wanted to start a website with complete online product showcasing, selling and buying features, at WebCatalyst we can provide you end to end e-commerce solutions. From shaping your ideas to making e business work for you, we can be one stop source for all your online business needs.

We can help you with complete front store designing and back office development to showcase your products/services to thousands of prospects and customers, increasing the potential of your business by reaching thousands of customers and prospects online and this is where our USP lies.

We can build a web site that is easy to navigate, so that customers can find what they are looking for. Our team can also design a simple to use check-out system that lets customers quickly place items into a shopping basket and then check out with the click of a mouse.

Provides great customer service online. In the retail world, great customer service means a smile and a professional, courteous manner. In ecommerce, great customer service means easy check outs, easy-to-find help when needed, and fast delivery. We can help you work out all the details so that customers are impressed with your company – without ever dealing directly with one of your team members.

Benefits of online business: – 

Expand Geographical Reach
The most apparent benefit of eCommerce is the ability to acquire customers across the country and around the world.

Expand Customer Base
By providing your customers another purchase channel, your business can attract and retain customers that may have never purchased from you.

Increase Visibility

Consumers are increasingly searching for information on the internet prior to making a purchase. Make your business available to them.

Never Close

Yes, your customers can purchase products from you at 3:00 AM when you are asleep.

Reduction of Marketing and Advertising Costs

Internet marketing can be highly targeted to your specific customer; it is more effective and provides a higher return on investment than traditional media advertising.

Collection of Customer Data

E-Commerce by the very nature of the transactions, automatically collects valuable customer data and relates purchases to that customer. You can leverage this information to increase future sales from your customers.

What to do to get started in E-commerce without a heavy investment ?

How can one start with e-commerce without any heavy investment? ‘Todays scientific and economy worlds demands unique ways for most kinds of job completion. Vendors and service providers will continually try to find unique ways to provide low-cost services to small businesses. One quick example is the numerous websites offering free development and hosting. For example, the sites offer a web development application in a “wysiwyg” (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) style that allows each person the ability to create their own type of website. Other options include participation in an online marketplace. These mechanisms are roughly designed to simulate a real marketplace that will attract customers due to a shop-at-once mentality instead of surfing the Internet for different goods and services. A fast developing theme among new and old participants in the digital economy is the use of ASPs (application service providers). These service providers allow you to purchase many of the off-the-shelf operating applications that you may use to run your business (finances to human resource management to inventory processing) at a much lower cost as well as have someone else manage and host the data. It also reduces the time and labor force necessary to run such types of operations. A final recommendation is the notion of partnering. Finding similar organizations that can share resources and expenses can help you achieve your goals in the digital economy. The key role of the digital economy and electronic commerce is to help your traditional organizational processes and daily routines and automate them through the Internet. The use of electronic commerce can very well share the burden burden and can help minimize the expense and difficulty. It stimulate a potential relationship for furthering business behavior.

What Can We Offer You?

  • Plan and develop website
  • Provide you with statistics and analysis tools
  • Online Tracking and reporting on visitors activities on your website
  • Improve conversion on your website
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Develop search engine friendly, CSS compatible website for you
  • Design a strategically planned layout to showcase your products and services effectively
  • Can integrate shopping cart and payment gateway software for your website
  • Content management systems or CMS
  • Mailing system to automatically send newsletters and mailers to your clients and customers

The list mentioned above for our ecommerce solutions is not exhaustive. Do ask us for your ecommerce requirements. We can deliver custom e-commerce solutions according to your business requirements.